This is the long awaited sign kit!  FINALLY! 

You will receive all necessary materials to make a beautiful sign-  either shipped to you or can be picked up at our shop in Zelienople, PA! 



  • STENCIL (choose from our design library!)
  • SPONGE BRUSH (for background)
  • SPONGES (for painting design)
  • One background color and 3 additional paint colors for your design. Please let us know what your background color will be to ensure we give you enough- see color chart for color choices.
  • SCRAPER TOOL (a credit card works great!)
  • PICKING TOOL TO REMOVE STENCIL (tweezer or exacto knife)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW TO ORDER:


2. CHOOSE YOUR DESIGN AND PUT THAT # IN THE TEXT BOX LABELED "DESIGN CHOICE". Our design choices can be found in the tab at the top labeled "DESIGNS"


  • Let us know any information needed to complete your stencil (examples include: names, dates, etc.)

4. CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON and your kit will be added to your cart.  

5. You will find your "CART" at the very top of the website- click that and checkout. 

With our single use vinyl stencils and DIY kits, you can create a beautiful project with No crafty skills required. 

Simply apply one coat of stain (we use watered down paint) or one-two thin coats of paint onto your wood as your background color. You can use acrylic, latex or chalk paint. We recommend using a matte or flat sheen paint. These paints only should only take 20-30 minutes to dry. You can even use a fan or blow dryer on the cool setting to speed up the process! 

After your background color is dry, you will want to lightly sand it with 400 grit sandpaper. After sanding, remove the backing paper on the stencil (side with the squares) and apply the vinyl to the wood. Use a squeegee or credit card to firmly rub over the entire stencil with pressure to adhere it to the wood. Peel off the top layer of white transfer tape. Peel really slow and close to the board to get better adhesion. Now you are ready to paint!

Use a small makeup wedge sponge, dip it into your paint, dab off most of the paint so you are only left with a small amount on your sponge, and apply thin coats of your paint to the cut out areas of the stencil in dabbing motions. Repeat multiple thin layers of paint on your lettering until those areas are well covered. Once you are finished with your final coat, you can peel off the blue stencil! It is not reusable and will rip into pieces as you remove it. Use an Exacto knife or toothpick to lift and remove all small pieces of vinyl left behind. 

More Helpful tips:
*If you are using stain for your background: wipe it on with the grain and wipe off the excess with a paper towel as you go. *We use watered down paints as stains at our workshops because they dry fast! If you use an oil based stain be sure to let it dry for a few days before applying your stencil or it won't stick. 

 If you want to distress and age your sign, you can sand the edges with sandpaper. You can also sand over your lettering to get the look you want. 

We have several videos on our Facebook page (and will be adding more soon) showing the process for applying the vinyl, painting the sign, and distressing the sign. Check out our page to watch those and to see when new DIY kits are announced.

Have a different size in mind? Just contact us!  


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