• Up to 3 hours with us!

  • All material and supplies for a completed project includes:

    • Your choice of wood board:  12x12, 8x16, 12" x 24" or 16" x 16", 10x48, or laser cut project pieces

    • all of the painting material and tools

  • Choice of one of a predesigned stencil or laser cut project. Custom designs also available for an additional cost- more on this below. 

  • Your hand painted wooden sign to take home!



  • Contact us with your preferred date/time. Be sure to check our calendar and we will let you know if that date/time is available.  Next, we will add your workshop to our website and you and your party will be able to register! 
  •  We cannot be held liable for mistakes on your part for ordering an incorrect stencil. Double check names, dates, etc. when ordering customized designs. 
  • Come to our new location at 106 S. Main St. in Zelienople, PA on your workshop date/time. Please note we will begin instruction 5 minutes after your scheduled time to be respectful of the time of all people attending the workshop/party. 

  • We offer private workshops for groups of 12-24 people. If you need a workshop for a larger group, please message use for additional info.

  • Invite your friends, family, neighbors or colleagues for the wooden sign painting class.

  • Public workshops are available during the day for all ages and evening for guests 16+

  • All of the guests should arrive at least 10 minutes before the set time of the workshop- we will begin 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. 

  • These projects aren't super messy and aprons will be provided but please do not wear your favorite shirt or pants! We can't guarantee you won't get a little on you! 

  • If you choose  to order a custom design, please send me the information  at least a week before the class to allow for production of the template and contact us for pricing. Because custom templates add a considerable amount of time to prepping for the workshop, there will be an up-charge of a minimum of $15. 

  • Payments must be made 72 hours in advance. 

​​Returns & Refunds

We understand that life happens and things come up.  We will not refund payment for a party but we will allow you to apply it to a different party. 

Q & A

Q What should I wear?

A     We will have aprons for everyone but please remember we are using PAINT and that means it might get on you. Usually it will wash out but we can't guarantee that it will.  Please dress accordingly.  


Q Why do we have to pre-order?

A     Every stencil is made to order and most of them are custom. We must have enough time to cut the stencils before the party. 

Q How many people can we have at a party?

A     We try to keep the classes to a manageable size of 8-15

Ooh and Aah sign workshops are perfect for bridal parties, birthday parties, a fun girls night out, get to know your neighbors or even date night! 

Our ultimate goal is that everyone has a great time and goes home with a beautiful sign they will be proud  to hang  in their home or give as a gift! 

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