Private Workshops

Private Workshops are the perfect option for a fun girls night out with friends, bridal party, work team building activity, date night, get to know your neighbors  or a birthday party! Private parties can accommodate up to 15 people with a minimum of 8. To schedule a private party please contact me and we can discuss location and date! 

All supplies needed to complete the signs will be provided!  Please read  "Important Workshop Information". 

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Jackson Ridge Neighborhood Workshop! Sunday, August. 23rd @ 2:00 pm (Private Workshop)
Girl's Night Covid Style! Saturday, Sept. 19th @  1pm (Private Workshop)
Christy's Sign Party! Tues. Sept. 1st @ 6pm (Private Workshop)
Bridget's Bachelorette Party! Saturday, August. 22nd @ 2pm (Private Workshop)
Megan’s Bachelorette Party! Saturday, June 27th @ 5:00pm  (Private Workshop)
Kate’s Girls Night Out! Wed. July 22nd @ 6:30pm (Private Workshop)
Mom's Night Out! Tuesday, July 21st @ 6:00 pm  (Private Workshop)
Gigi's Birthday! Thursday, August.. 20th @ 10:30 am (Private Workshop)
Bachelorette Paint Party! Saturday, August. 29th @ 12pm (Private Workshop)
Holly's Private Workshop!  Thurs., July 23rd  @ 3pm
Girls' Day! Thurs., July 9th  @ 1pm (Private Workshop)
Aprils Fierce, Fabulous, and Forty- Birthday Party! Tuesday, Sept. 29th @ 6pm (Private Workshop)
Girl's Day! Saturday, Sept. 26th @ 3:00pm (Private Workshop)
Shawna's Bachelorette Party! Saturday, August 1st @ 6pm(Private Workshop)
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